Different types of domestic climbing frames and swing sets

Coming up with new ways to keep your child active whilst having fun can be tricky. They love riding their bikes or going for a walk in the park, but what can you do at home that they will enjoy just as much? If you have the space, a climbing frame would be an excellent addition to your garden. It helps to keeps kids entertained whilst burning off some energy at the same time. Here are some of the different types to think about when you are looking to buy climbing frames.

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 For the younger kids

Younger children may surprise you with their climbing abilities. When they are still young, a small climbing frame can help ensure that they won’t have any accidents or be put off by a standard, taller frame. Climbing is also recommended as a way for under-5s to remain active, so a climbing frame would be a good investment all around.

Attached playhouses

This is a great feature for kids big and small. They will love the climb to the top and be even more impressed with the fort they find. Whether it is a large wooden house or one of the material-covered dens, your child is guaranteed to spend hours in there.

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Different ways to get to the top

The fun thing about climbing is that there are often many different ways to get to the top. It may include a climbing wall, a rope ladder, a climbing net or simple steps. There are lots of choices available, such as the ones found at http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames, so it’s worth looking at them before deciding which ones your child will have the most fun with.

Climbing frame extras

A lot of children’s climbing frames and swing sets will have the option to buy add-ons that can be transferred with the original pieces. The traditional swing may be removed and replaced with a saucer swing or trapeze, or you can even opt for a baby seat swing to keep little ones entertained. There are lots of different options that allow a swing set to grow with your child.

With so many choices available, it can be hard to choose the perfect set. Whichever one you go for, your child is sure to thank you for it.