A brief history of Celebrity Wars Lego Models – The entire year 2001

The entire year 2001 was the 3rd year which Lego launched sets dependent around George Lucas’ technology fiction dream, Star Conflicts. With the actual incredible success for that first influx of models, released within late 1999 in order to coincide using the release associated with Episode 1 The Phantom Nuisance, Lego’s 2nd wave arrived just on the year later on.

There were an overall total of 10 sets launched in 2001, and together with regular sets the organization also began releasing exactly what it called The best Collector Sequence (UCS), larger versions that included more items and displayed additional information than the conventional sets. These UCS models were offered without minifigures as well as were made to be ledge display pieces instead of play models.

The very first two UCS models were the bust from the Phantom Menace’s bad guy Darth Maul (10018) along with a large replica from the iconic unique trilogy deliver the Tantive IV(10019). Also called the Digital rebel Blockade Athlete, Princess Leia’s starship is the initial vehicle observed in the Celebrity Wars films (appear in Occurrence 4 A brand new Hope) since it flies overhead from the camera look at, being went after by a level larger Celebrity Destroyer. While each Darth Maul and also the Tantive INTRAVENOUS sold well it’s the latter which has earned a location in collector’s hearts and it is very tricky to find now about the secondary marketplace.

Lego additionally released 2 technic dependent Star Conflicts sets within 2001, a stormtrooper (8008) and also the protocol droid C3PO (8007). Each figures was about thirty cm high and experienced minimal motion features. Although Lego released a few more of those technic numbers in old age the collection never really became popular with enthusiasts and these types of can be found permanently prices.

The biggest regular arranged released with this year had been entitled Watto’s Junkyard (7186). With 443 items it included the uncommon Watto as well as Aldar Beedo figures which have not emerge since this particular set. Regardless of the rarity of those two minifigures this had small to suggest it. The following biggest arranged however remained a well known and desired set for a long time after.

The Imperial Shuttle service (7166) was extremely popular with enthusiasts and had been a properly accurate representation from the iconic ship in the Original trilogy. The deliver also included two really rare Regal Guard numbers that enthusiasts clamoured for as the vehicle by itself was really playable, large enough to suit figures as well as nice in order to fly round the room. The shuttle service would emerge in 2 more Lego incarnations in old age.

Smaller models from 2001 incorporated Droid Get away (7106) including first looks of R2-D2 as well as C3po within minifigure type, an AT-ST (7127) that was a pretty menial style but included the very first Chewbacca determine, a Fight Droid Company (7126) and also the iconic Connect Fighter (7146) that fans valued could match the sooner release from the X-Wing.

2001 had been another prosperous year with regard to Star Conflicts Lego as well as paved the way in which for the actual 2002 wave which may see the actual release associated with double the quantity of sets with this franchise, including sets in the latest movie, Episode 2 Attack From the Clones.