See Your Child Excel Outside of the Classroom

Given you want what is best for your child; having them in the right school should be of the utmost importance to you. That said you want to be sure that you act when you see they have trouble in their current environment. There can be some different reasons why a child will have a […]

Getting Your Nursery Ready for a New Baby

Whether it’s your first, second, or eighth baby, (shout out to OctoMom) there is always plenty of preparation on your todo list. When it comes to preparing the babies nursery, a lot of people become overwhelmed with the idea of having to create an environmentally friendly, inspiring, energizing yet relaxing space on top of everything […]

Designer Infant Clothes for that Fashionable Tot

Designer infant clothes have become a style trend. Gone would be the days of the cute small sleeper dress. With styles available through Mish Mish or even Biscotti the following generation associated with baby is going to be dressed with regard to success before they might even mean it. Designer fashion is perfect for everyone […]

Essential Items You Should Carry in a Diaper Bag

Whether it’s a doctor’s visit or an afternoon walk to the park, at some point, you will need to carry your baby with you. In such instances a diaper bag comes in handy. You can pack your baby’s essentials and go along with your activities hassle-free. So, what should you have in the diaper bag? […]

Childproofing Your Home to Prevent Household Accidents

The safety of your children is of the utmost importance, not only because you bear the burden of responsibility for the youngsters in your household, but because you want to spare them any and every hurt possible. This begins with childproofing your home. Before you even bring your infant home from the hospital, you need […]

Born in a Sac: A Primer on En Caul Birth

By David Warmflash, M.D. What do Sigmund Freud, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charlemagne, Liberace, and, in some legends, Moses, all have in common? All were –or were rumored to have been—born en caul. That means with a skin-tight, stretchy cover over the head and face. Rooted in the term ‘Caput galeatum’, Latin for ‘head helmet’, the word […]

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

Are you planning to take your children on a grand adventure to the beautiful country of Chile? If so, you are making an excellent choice! The capital of Chile, Santiago, has tons of kid-friendly things to do. Parents will enjoy the scenery, the culture, and the history. Kids will love all the wonderful activities. No […]

Ride On Toys Play Ideas For Kids

Sunlight, fresh air and a lot of energy are good for children. They always have an intense desire of playing outside, as they feel excited at the idea of having heaps of things to do and learn than just staying in the house. So, why not allow them to explore their creativity and develop skills […]