Top Gift Ideas for Your Friend’s Child

So your friend is well into her third trimester and about to give birth to a new baby? Thrilled about this, aren’t you? Just a couple more weeks and the baby would soon be her in her arms. Or maybe, your friend already has a child, and is celebrating their birthday next week!

You want to share the excitement with your friend. You are so happy for her yet so confused at the same time. Because you don’t have your own child, and have no idea what to gift her. Don’t worry, we’ve made it really easy for you! Here are some great gift ideas for your friend’s child. Click here for some great options.

Starter Library

A set of classic books or children’s story is a great gift for any mom out there. Reading to a child has so many benefits such as improving their listening, building their speaking power, increasing their vocabulary and developing their creativity. And if they are a bit older, they can try to read it themselves.  Not to forget that listening to bedtime stories makes it easy for a child to fall asleep.


Soft, coloured sheets in vibrant colours make a nursery look more lively and attractive. Kids find the colours, patterns, and the designs so much fun. And, if they are of top quality, they would also love sleeping with them.

The Out – and – about Kit

Let’s get creative, and instead of gifting one thing, let’s buy a couple of useful everyday things. Trust us, your friend would love you even more when they have to go outside, they can just grab your prepared bag and leave instantly, without having to pack any extra stuff.

What would you put in such a kit? Diapers, wipers, a set of clothes for both the baby and mommy, a bottle, cereal or instant milk powder, safety pins, a baby lotion and some small toys. Let’s leave for the beach or that resort just out of town now!

The Sleeping Kit

One more kit that you can give away to your mommy friend. It’s always a test of a mother’s strengths to put kids to sleep. Gather all the sleeping products in one bag to make it easier for them. You can put in a soft blanket,a comforting night light, baby pulls, a device that plays soft music and throws light on the walls, and even a book. Now the baby will sleep much better.

Baby’s Dinner Set

Kids don’t really like to eat, and make it quite hard for their moms. However, if they are given food in bright bowls and plates, they are more attracted to their meals and will enjoy their lunches and dinners. So, why not gift your friend’s kid a Frozen plate, or maybe a Ben 10 bowl?

Sensory Sticking Rings

If your friend’s baby is over 6 months, this is a great gift. When they start exploring their surroundings, specially designed toys can help simulate sight, hearing and touch at this age. Plus, some of these products also make great teethers, if they are made from a soft, chewy material.