Top Five Smart Baby Monitors with motion sensors for working parents

Being a mother is not an easy thing. Staying awake all night because baby Jack can’t sleep. Just when you are about to sleep early in the morning before you go to work, the monitor goes off again. This is the lifecycle of every working mother out there. Being a challenge to raise a kid away from home, most parents opt to work at their home offices and monitor their kids’ sleep through smart gadgets.

There are hundreds of options in the market, but the best baby monitors are the ones that support both audio and video, and also have a motion sensor functionality because you do not have time to stay glued on the screen watching your kid as you work.

The following are the best baby monitors on the market:

  1. The Withings Home Smart Baby Monitor

This sensor has brought a whole sense of comfort and security to new parents. Elegantly designed with a slim shape, the Withings is among the best monitors. Its features include:

  1. A security movement monitor
  2. Infrared night vision
  3. A speakerphone to talk, read bedtime stories or even play lullaby to the child
  4. Air-quality sensor
  5. Wi-Fi functionality
  6. 135° angle view
  7. 1080 HD Camera

The monitor can be set to trigger on both motion and noise. It records and streams to the Withings monitor which can be accessed using its Android application that is easy to use. The video is also stored in the Withings cloud storage for up to seven days.

  1. The iBaby Digital Baby Monitor

Today, a cyber threat on baby monitors is a reality even in our homes. There is a possibility that someone around your neighborhood uses your wifi without you knowing. Secured on Amazon servers, the iBaby Digital Baby Monitor has been built to address the issue of hackers specifically. It has a shared access capability, wi-fi functionality which allows family and friends to help monitor your baby.

Its other unique features include:

  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • A 360° panning camera with a tilt angle of 110°
  1. Summer Infant Sharp View High Definition Video Monitor

With a 5” video display screen, it is among the very best smart baby monitors. Through the smart baby monitors’ screen, you can easily zoom in and view your baby and the surrounding w