Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

Are you planning to take your children on a grand adventure to the beautiful country of Chile? If so, you are making an excellent choice! The capital of Chile, Santiago, has tons of kid-friendly things to do. Parents will enjoy the scenery, the culture, and the history. Kids will love all the wonderful activities. No matter what your family chooses to do, you can be sure your children will be welcome in Chile.

As you plan your trip to Chile, you want to go ahead and plan some stops to the following kid-friendly destinations in Santiago. Be sure you make reservations for a city tour of Santiago to find out even more insider tips about the best places to go with your children.

Free Walking Tours in Santiago

As we mentioned, the free tours in Santiago are a must-do for families with children. These tours are not simply educational, they are also fun! Your family will be guided through the city with a knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide. You will get to learn about the history of this remarkable city, and you will get to experience Chilean culture.

Museo Interactivo Mirador

Families with children must make plans to visit this awesome interactive science museum in Santiago. Almost all of the exhibits are hands-on giving kids fun learning opportunities. This museum is the largest in the area, so families should plan to stay at the museum for a few hours and eat a meal in the cafeteria.

Museo Artequin

While families sometimes shy away from visiting art museums, Museo Artequin is a must for children. In addition to its collection of artwork, the museum also offers a kid’s studio with art workshops. Your children can take part and make some art of their own to hang on the museum walls. If you are looking for a wonderful place to introduce your children to art history, this is it!

Cerro San Cristobal

Cerro San Cristobal is the largest green space in Santiago with excellent views of the Chilean landscape – and your children will love it! In addition to viewing the trails, the gardens, and the landmark Virgin Mary statue, Cerro San Cristobal is also home to a zoo with over 1000 animals! If that is not enough to convince to add this destination to your list, consider the public swimming pools and gondolas your children will enjoy.


For Chilean theme park fun, head to the popular Fantasilandia amusement park! This amusement park has several rides for adults and children, as well as fun activities like haunted houses and bumper boats. With several family rides and a kid’s zone, it is enjoyable for everyone.

Outdoor Adventures

Finally, Chile provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventures for the whole family. Given its setting, tourists can go rafting, zip lining, hiking, or horseback riding. As you consider the ages and capabilities of your children, you are sure to find an outdoor adventure that is exciting for the entire family.