How To Protect Your Baby From Extreme Cold

Babies are fragile beings hence must be protected from any unfavorable weather conditions. Protecting your baby from extreme cold can turn out to be a tricky affair, but it has to be done because exposure to cold can have terrible effects on a child.

Little babies stand a risk of freezing in extreme cold because they possess little body fat which cannot insulate them against cold, a low ability to shiver, and also do not have the ability to store up sufficient energy which can boost their system’s heat production. In order to protect your baby from extreme cold you should:

  1. Cover Up Your Baby In Layer

Layers are necessary for your baby in extremely cold conditions. You can start light with a one piece, a romper, and socks. For babies, cotton is always the best material for babies, so ensure the first layer of clothing is made of cotton. The next layer of winter clothes for babies can be of heavier texture such as microfleece. The third layer should be wind resistant to prevent your baby from the cold, harsh wind.

  1. Cover your baby’s head

Babies lose a lot of heat through their head so, during the cold, it is important that you cover your baby’s head. You can do this with little caps, hoodies or a fleece. You can also wrap them up and ensure the blanket covers the head. Caps with ear flaps are also amazing choices as they keep your babies ears warm also.

  1. Pay attention to hands and feet

Babies are more prone to frostbites than grownups are. When dressing your baby up for the winter, ensure their hands and foot and well padded up. Babies have fragile skin with immature blood vessels hence their systems are highly sensitive to a drop in temperature. In order to keep your baby protected, ensure they have cotton socks on with boots and gloves.

  1. Adjust layers

When taking your baby out on a cold day, keep in mind that you will occasionally have to adjust his/her layers. Sometimes it might get too warm hence you will need to take off one of the layers. In order to check your babies temperature, don’t check the hands or feet. Instead, check the neck. If your baby is hot, you can proceed to take off a layer of clothing, and your baby is cool, you can cover him/her with a blanket. Note that when buckling your baby into the car seat, you need to take off the coat. This is because if an accident occurs, the bulky material can compress and lead to injuries.

  • Have backups

You can keep an extra coat for your baby in your car or in any other place you visit often. You can also keep little blankets and buntings around. This way, despite the situation, you will always be prepared to keep your baby warm up.

While it is understandable that you would rather sit in all through winter to prevent your baby from cold, you have to step out at some point. These tips above can help you prevent your baby from extreme cold.