How To Introduce Feeding Bottles To The Baby?

Many lactation experts believe that it is better to wait until your baby is one month old and breastfeeding is established before introducing them to a bottle. If you are going back to work you may start bottle feeding before two weeks and you can adjust your baby with it way before you return to work.

Drinking milk from the bottle requires mouth and tongue movement which is different from breastfeeding. You baby might take some time to adapt the change and get used to it. Here are some basic tips that are necessary for babies who are being introduced to baby bottles from breastfeeding.

  • Offer your baby a bottle in the evening after the time of his regular feeding to make the baby get used to the bottle nipple. You may begin with the breast milk in the bottle in small amount. Breast pumps are best to express milk for bottle feeding.
  • Let someone else or baby’s dad feed the baby. Giving your baby his first bottle may make the baby confused and might wonder why he isn’t getting the breast. You must take help from someone experienced like your mother or a friend.
  • You must begin with the slow flow nipple. There are different types of teats and nipples which help the baby adjust the flow of the milk. A regular nipple may flood their mouth with the milk so it is better that the nipple is replaced with the slow flow teat.
  • Make sure you stay out of the house or away from the baby while he is being fed from the bottle because the baby can feel and smell mother’s presence near him and will ask for breast milk.

It isn’t necessary that you will succeed in the beginning. Your baby will take time to take the bottle. Mommies who have been breastfeeding and switched to bottle feeding, simply, leave the baby perplexed. Babies prefer breastfeeding because it is super cozy and warm and above all keeps them close to their MOM.

This is all a part of the developmental step, don’t fret about it.  Be patient and keep trying. If the baby still refuses after many attempts, do consult your doctor for professional consultation.