How To Bring Out The Creative Genius In Your Child

All children have a creative genius inside waiting to explode and come out. Unfortunately, often it is suppressed because of strict parents or teachers who want their children to act in a certain way because they believe they need to be ‘disciplined’. If you naturally feel stressed you may react this way. If you want to learn to relax find out more about Research Verified reviews.

Can you imagine children that love to sing naturally who are exceptionally talented being told not to because it irritated their family? There would be no Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake or Miley Cyrus. So let’s divide the arts up and see how best you can nurture your children’s inner creative genius and talents:


Children love art. It comes so naturally to them and fortunately most parents and teachers don’t criticize this beautiful expression of color. Sometimes though, a child will have a natural knack for the arts and will be able to draw in a very detailed manner and expression that is far superior than their peers. If this is your child this is what you need to do:

  • Buy an artist’s station which includes a tilted easel connected to a desk with a clipboard to hold paper.
  • Inside the draws there should be all the art material your child needs including paint, pencils, paper, scissors and glue. Make sure to always be around when scissors are being used if your child is under the age of six.
  • Encourage drawing at all times. Let your child get messy – have ‘art clothes’ available where your child can get as much paint on themselves as they want. Leave newspaper on the floor. Have little footstools ready by the sink so that your children can clean up after themselves.


For those children that love to write, they normally love to read too. In order to nurture this talent there are certain things you should do.

  • Have a book corner available with your children’s favorite books.
  • Take time out to read with and to your child.
  • Have a desk and chair available so that your child can write words and create stories.
  • Speak to your child and have them make up fantasy stories where you can join in to tell stories.
  • Have toys around so that stories can be made up using them.
  • Once the stories are told put it down in a little book made up with different papers stapled together.
  • Allow your child to write the stories and draw and color in pictures that go with them.


Some of your children may really be drawn to rhythm and beats. They may love tapping on drums or may want to learn to play the guitar or piano. You should totally encourage this.

  • Send your child for music lessons so they can learn which instrument they enjoy playing the most.
  • If your child loves singing, encourage this by letting them sing karaoke at home and sending them for singing lessons.


Some children love dress up and pretending to be someone else. If your child is good at remembering lines and acting:

  • Put your child in a theatre group.
  • Play imaginative stories with them and get them to use their imagination.
  • Find an agency for your child to put them in adverts and any theatre and movie roles.

Just remember that at the end of the day children do what feels natural to them. Nothing should ever be forced nor stifled. Follow your child, notice what their interests are and nurture them so that they can grow up into the creative beings they were meant to be!

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