Essential Items You Should Carry in a Diaper Bag

Whether it’s a doctor’s visit or an afternoon walk to the park, at some point, you will need to carry your baby with you. In such instances a diaper bag comes in handy. You can pack your baby’s essentials and go along with your activities hassle-free. So, what should you have in the diaper bag?

A Pack of Nappies and Wipes

You have no control as to how many diapers your baby will use on your day out. It is safe to have some depending on the amount of time you will be away from home. Same way, pack a travel-size pack of wet wipes to clean any mess and keep the baby clean. Most diaper bags come with compact cases to carry a few pieces of diapers.

A Set of Changing Clothes and a Changing Mat

You may never know what the next burp could cause. Therefore, it is important to carry a few more clothes. Do not forget socks, hats and sweaters. A changing mat comes in handy when changing diapers to ensure the mess is well-contained.

Baby Lotion or Cream

A baby’s skin is sensitive and not every cream can be trusted. Always pack some as you leave the house as your baby may suffer rashes any time. The lotion is also applicable after nappy change to keep your baby’s skin moist the entire time.

Feeding Items

If your baby is on exclusive breastfeeding, remember to pack a receiving blanket and some breast pads for you. If on formula-feeding, ensure you have sterilized bottles, a flask of warm water and a small tin with a pre-measured amount of formula. You can carry an extra mixing bottle and use a different one to feed.

If you are weaning your baby, you can pack a small bowl of puree and some finger foods in an airtight container. Also, carry a few bibs, burp cloths, and washcloths. Peekaboo baby nappy bags come with smaller packs to carry feeding bottles and jars to prevent contamination.

Mom’s Essentials

Sometimes, you may find yourself leaving your keys or phone behind. Some of the things you can include in your baby’s diaper bag include lotion, lip balm, an extra top, wallet and a scarf. You can add the items to your baby’s checklist to ensure you have enough for the day.

Extra Items

Depending on where you will be going to, your baby may need a toy or you may need a book to read as you travel. You may also need a hand sanitizer, some tissues, a few pain relieving pills and sunscreen. Ensure the items are in a safe Ziploc bag to avoid contact with baby’s food. Also, carry a few pacifiers and teething rings in a safe pack.

These items are a must-have any time you leave the house with your baby. You can prepare a checklist to help you pack the essentials. Place the things in the bag’s compartments to help you organize everything. Most importantly, countercheck if you have enough items before leaving the house.